Previous Guest Speakers

May 2024

Joe Greenwood

Joe is going to cover fire safety in your investments:


  • Who needs one
  • When do you need a full FRA
  • What guidelines should I follow

Different strategies

  • HMO
  • Conversions to flats
  • Serviced accommodation

April 2024

Kimberley Shapcott

Kimberley is going to cover all things business with a focus on:

  • Company structures and the most tax efficient way to structure your companies
  • Allowable expenses and making the most of what you can claim against your tax
  • The recent budget and the implications for property investors
  • The all important numbers concerning tax and dividends

This is a great opportunity to get all your questions answered about setting up and running your business in the most appropriate and tax efficient way!

March 2024

Kristina Castellina

Dive into the incredible journey of Kristina Castellina, a dynamic woman who traded a life of professional singing and dancing for the exhilarating rollercoaster world of property investment. With a bubbly and down-to-earth approach, Kristina’s story resonates with many, leaving them inspired and empowered.

Join us to hear her message of self-empowerment and financial freedom. Kristina is not just a storyteller; she is a living testament to the extraordinary heights achievable with passion, courage, and a “Can-do attitude”.

February 2024

Ian Cowie and John Beamson

Ian will be sharing his story from being a drug addict to ending up in prison to starting and scaling a property business to becoming an ultra runner and ……doing amazing things!

John – The CEO adventurer, is the mastermind behind outdoors adventures to master your mindset, accelerate your agility, and continually improve your personal best in life and business.

January 2024

Adam Wilson

Adam is the founder of Wilson Architects which was set up in 2018 as an Architect practice with a developer attitude. Adam has worked around the country on both large scale commercial and small private sector projects, and now builds his own property portfolio alongside running the Architect’s practice.

He will be talking about:

  • Common design constraints with smaller scheme projects
  • Permitted development
  • Creative ways of achieving planning gain

October 2023

Cat Settle

It’s almost, but not quite, the end of the year (scary!!!), so rather than doing an end of year review, we’ve asked Cat to come along and do an earlier review

With another 5-6 working weeks left before the year draws to a close, there will still be time to make some shifts in your mindset to take the action you need and want to close out 2023 on a high

  • What goals did you set at the beginning of the year?
  • How are you performing against those?
  • What and how will you adapt going in to 2024?

September 2023

Emily Shepperson

The Business Psychologist

Exploring the role that a business Psychologist can play in your power team. Learn psychological techniques and analysis to help you connect better with investors.

August 2023

Ryan Stevens

Ryan is a RICS Registered Valuer who invests in commercial multi-let industrial estates and has a portfolio valued in excess of £11m with a rent roll of £1m pa. He will be joining us to discuss:

  • An introduction to the Red Book
  • How to find good quality comparable evidence
  • Yields and how these are used to calculate commercial values

There will be time for lots of Q&A about his presentation and valuations as well as commercial investing generally.

July 2023

Mark Winship

Mark has been investing in property with his wife for 12 years and as a business since 2016. After building a portfolio of HMO’s in the north west and midlands using the BRR model they launched their serviced accommodation business and they haven’t looked back since.

Having raised over 2.5 million in angel finance they now own and operate a portfolio of serviced apartments, luxury holiday lets and hotels worth almost 8 figures that generates over £1m per year in turnover.

With another exciting hotel project just around the corner Mark is also passionate about helping other people achieve their goals through property. He is the co-founder of the Net Gain Club ( which is an innovative new membership community for dedicated investors providing support, mentorship and education to help them take their property venture to the next level.

June 2023

Trish McGirr

Trish helps investors and property professionals, create ethical but profitable solutions when working with financially distressed homeowners.

Her message is that all property entrepreneurs have an essential role to play in the current economic crisis and that we hold the key to enable distressed homeowners to move on with their lives, repair their credit and break free from the despair of debt.

A believer in how pivotal moments shape us, Trish set up Repossession Rescue Network UK to educate property professionals and improve standards of care for homeowners who face losing their homes.

Her mission is Saving Lives; One Home At A Time.

May 2023

Miranda Hart

Miranda will be speaking about why property developers must embrace marketing to help attract investors and interest in their business covering:

  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Investor Brochures

Miranda will also do a practical session covering some Instagram basics so make sure you bring your phone, tablet or laptop!

April 2023

Colin and Nick Dutton

Engage Finance is a family-run business led by father and son, Colin and Nicholas Dutton. With over 40 years of combined experience in finance, we’re specialists when it comes to sourcing funding for the property market. Whether you’re building a property portfolio or you’re looking to develop property, we offer strategic, tailored, jargon-free advice at every stage of the deal.

March 2023

Bryn Walker

Bryn will be sharing his 30 years of experience with us next month.

His talk will cover:

  • What is a SSAS Pension
  • Why property people talk about SSAS Pensions
  • Tax savings of a SSAS
  • Using SSAS Pensions to your advantage

PLUS answers to as many questions about SSAS as you can ask

January 2023

Tony and Grace Golden

Grace is a business development manager, working for a midlands company specialising in digital marketing. During lockdown she took the opportunity to train as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) and has worked for companies providing services to midlands based estate agencies.

Tony has worked in the energy business for over 40 years, as a senior manager at British Gas, before starting my own company retailing domestic energy solutions. This background gave him the opportunity to set up his consultancy in 2011, providing advice to landlords, property companies and estate agents.

This dad and daughter combination of old school and modern technologies seems to work well and they are close to launching a new proposition for potential clients in this ever growing energy sector.

December 2022

Cat Settle

Cat Settle is a property investor, money raiser and coach with a passion for all things ‘personal effectiveness’.

You’ll find her Book Club live on Instagram @catsettleproperty every Wednesday at 8pm sharing productivity, mindset and persona; effectiveness insight from best-selling books of the same genre.

That is…unless he is sharing money raising magic with an audience at EMPN!

Her Presentation will cover:

  • Who to approach
  • How to approach
  • Handling objections
  • Leveraging

Anyone that signs up to Cat’s Book Club (it’s free) will receive a copy of her private loan agreement. And she’ll be giving a copy of the book we are currently reading away on the night!

November 2022

Sue Clark and Kristy Brown

After 20 years as a civil servant Kristy entered the world of social and supported housing and property on a mission to house and empower others. Kristy has worked in a variety of ventures and projects which have assisted property owners and social and supported housing providers in connecting and helping to house our most vulnerable but most recently found her calling as a supported living provider and advisor in the sector .

Sue worked in health and social care and has a background in counselling and extensive knowledge of property; owning and renting her own diverse property portfolio. Sue owns a supported living provision in Birmingham and has successfully helped many residents to tackle the root cause of the issues they face in order to move on in life.

In this session they will share their reason why and journeys to date as well as what providers look for and how to stay safe in the sector.

If you want to learn how to use property with a purpose this session is one for you.

October 2022

Sukhi Kaur

Sukhi is the Director of Build4U Group LTD, comprising of Build4U Property, Build4U Insulation and Build4U Scaffolding. Their aim is to provide high quality, comfortable, safe and secure homes for those who are looking for one.

Their ethos is simple, to create beautiful, sustainable properties.

Sukhi will be speaking to us about Eco Homes and their place in the current property market.

September 2022

Jasmine Dosanjh and Priya Kripalani

Jasmine & Priya are the ladies behind The Hard Hat Developers a property investment company established by Jasmine Dosanjh and Priya Kripalani.

Starting as friends, Jasmine and Priya began their journey together as business partners in 2018 after individually fine-tuning their own investment portfolios.

With their passion for property, aligned ambitions and matching morals, Jasmine and Priya joined forces to progress in the industry together. From there on, Hard Hat Developers was born.

August 2022

Lee Hitchen

Lee is the resident broker and this month gave us an insight into:

  • Bridging finance and how it works and can benefit investors/developers
    • Key features and benefits
    • Myth busting
  • Is bridging expensive finance?
  • If I don’t exit on time then I may lose my property
  • Don’t always follow the rate, look at the in and out fees and other associated costs

July 2022

Adam Wale

I am a full time property investor, project manager, husband and dad of 2. I invest in property with my wife Sammie, after getting educated in 2016 and have built up a portfolio of HMOs. We originally invested in property to have freedom of our own time and to be able to raise a family how we wanted to and along the way we found a love for interior design and managing other projects. We’ve found that interior design really has a place in the property investment world and we love sharing our knowledge of how we have used interior design to increase rents and property end values. As a company, we have worked on a wide range of projects including HMOs, flats, residential houses, childcare nursery settings and cafes!

June 2022 – Harriet Dunn and Rachel Knight

Harriet is a retired Commercial Property solicitor, International Property & Business trainer, and consultant. She has been part of the Property world since 1985 when she bought her first Property and is now a specialist in Freehold, Leasehold, Commonhold, Commercial Property, Title Split, Pension SIPP’s and SSAS’s.

Rachel is a property developer and international property trainer. She has invested in property since 2005, however says her real journey in property started when she became an educated professional property investor in 2015. Rachel started building her property portfolio with her partner Andy and is now a leading expert in building property portfolios using Title Split.

They spoke to us about:

Why? Title Split to create Leasehold units
When? You can Title Split
Where? The Areas where you can add amazing value by Title Splitting
How? Title Splitting affects your valuation to your advantage and how you can double your rental income